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Activities for B1 Preliminary for Schools

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Boost your confidence with helpful advice and practice for the Cambridge B1 Preliminary for Schools qualification.

With fun activities to build students’ skills and vocabulary, Practice for B1 Preliminary for Schools (PET for Schools), gives students the confidence to succeed. It contains:

· 20 units featuring topics and vocabulary taken from the official 2020 Cambridge Vocabulary List.
· The exercises cover: Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar and the 4 skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
· 500 words from the official 2020 Cambridge Vocabulary List.
· Updated for the new exam.
· Answer key, audio scripts and word lists included at the back of the book.
· Accompanying audio, provided free online, supports the Listening and Speaking exercises. This also helps students’ pronunciation
· Tips boxes offer advice on how to do well in the exam.
· Sample Writing and Speaking answers included in the answer key.

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