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Fun Box Starter: Pupil’s Book + E-book

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Preview available at: http://online.pubhtml5.com/rohc/fvho/#p=1


Pupil’s Book with e-book features:

exciting unit profile pages with striking visuals that engage students through personalised warm-up tasks
clearly-structured, easy-to-follow lessons organised to fit the teaching year
all the key language required for for primary school pupils, transparently presented and methodically practised
fun and achievable activities smoothly introducing pupils to all four skills
carefully graded Phonics lessons
special Arts and Crafts pages with video
theme-related Kids’ Planet pages with engaging real-life topics
stimulating CLIL pages focussing on other school subjects such as maths and science in English, which aim to enrich the learners’ experience
memorable songs, chants and special sing-and-dance videos

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