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Incepand cu 2023, Eurolingva Examinations Centre este centru autorizat pentru sustinerea examenelor Skills for English. Rezultatul poate fi folosit pentru obtinerea vizei de munca in Marea Britanie, pentru admiterea la o institutie de invatamant superior din Marea Britanie si SUA sau pentru obtinerea rezidentei in Marea Britanie. In functie de motivul pentru care doriti sa sustineti examenul, puteti face inregistrarea pentru Skills for English SELT sau Skills for English Global. De asemenea, este important sa stiti nivelul pentru care doriti sa sustineti examenul.

Examenele Skills for English se pot sustine doar pe calculator, la sediul Eurolingva Examinations Centre de pe Str. Stefan Zweig, Nr. 10A, et.1, Oradea. Echipamentul necesar este pus la dispozitie de centrul nostru.

Un aspect foarte important al examenelor Skills for English este eliberarea rapida a rezultatelor care se pot vizualiza si imprima direct din contul persoanei care sustine examenul. De asemenea, candidatul este informat printr-un e-mail in momentul eliberarii rezultatului.
Inregistrarea pentru examenul dorit se face exclusiv pe site-ul lor accesand  unul din urmatoarele link-uri:
SELT: https://www.bookmyskillsforenglish.com/?rc=NIO78PO6
Global: https://test-takers.psiexams.com/sfeglobal

Nivelele si rezultatele ce pot fi obtinute pot fi vizualizate aici – download pdf

Pentru a va familiariza cu formatul examenelor Skills for English si pentru a fi cat mai bine pregatiti, puteti cumpara carti de teste accesand urmatoarele link-uri:
– pentru nivelul B1 puteti comanda de aici
Vol. 1: https://eurolingva.ro/produs/succeed-in-skills-for-english-level-b1-volume-2-5-practice-tests/
Vol. 2: https://eurolingva.ro/produs/succeed-in-skills-for-english-level-b1-volume-2-5-practice-tests-2/

– pentru nivelul B2 puteti comanda de aici:
Vol. 1: https://eurolingva.ro/produs/succeed-in-skills-for-english-level-b2-5-practice-tests/
Vol. 2: https://eurolingva.ro/produs/succeed-in-skills-for-english-level-b2-vol-2-5-practice-test/

– pentru nivelul C1 puteti comanda de aici:
Vol. 1: https://eurolingva.ro/produs/succeed-in-skills-for-english-level-c1-5-practice-tests/

Pentru informatii suplimentare puteti contacta: Contact Us – Skills for English.

Introducing Skills for English (UKVI) a new UK Home Office Approved English Language Qualification  – Simple, Quick, Affordable. More choice of location, more choice of test dates for exam events; Skills for English (UKVI) is a qualification that enables your test takers to demonstrate  their knowledge of English language for a range of purposes, including work, study, or settlement. Test takers can choose the test level they require, from beginner to mastery, for either two skills, speaking and  listening, or four skills, speaking, listening, reading, and writing. That way you know your test takers are preparing for, and taking, precisely the level of test needed for their chosen purpose – no more, no less. All Skills for English (UKVI) tests use computer-based delivery for all skills. Reading and listening are automatically marked during the test session itself; speaking and writing are recorded digitally during the test session
and marked by trained assessors (who have no visibility of your  candidate’s personal details) after the test is finished. This means test takers can move through each of the skills sections in turn in a single session and receive results in as little as 3-5 days*. (*based on results availability in April 2021, maximum results turn-around 15 days)
To find out more about Skills for English (UKVI) visit  www.skillsforenglish.com

Skills for English is simple, quick, and affordable and has been designed it to make the process of organising your tests and achieving your visa application goal as intuitive and straightforward as possible.
  • High first-time pass rate (86% as of May 2021)
  • Wide availability of test centres and sessions (122 test centres worldwide, excluding the UK)
  • Test levels matched exactly to visa type required
  • A one-session test that is entirely computer-based with no examiner/assessor present
  • Auto-marked reading and listening skills, with speaking and writing skills marked by expert assessors who do not see any of your students’ personal details
  • A quick turn-around on marking with results currently available in as little as 3-5 days (based on results availability in April 2021, maximum results turn-around 15 days)
To find out more about Skills for English (UKVI) visit www.skillsforenglish.com
Skills for English (UKVI) isn’t just new to the SELT market, it’s a new type of test employing cutting edge technology to make sure your students secure both their test, and their pass, simply, quickly, and affordably.
  • Computer marking of reading and listening
  • Anonymous human marking of speaking and writing
  • Easy to use candidate portal and booking platform
  • Pure computer-based delivery (no face to face assessor)
Skills for English (UKVI) has been jointly developed and delivered by PSI and SQA, bringing PSI’s more than 70 year’s experience of providing Software-as-a-Service solutions for high-stakes testing and assessment globally, trusted by Governments, Certifying Bodies and Associations, Schools, and Fortune 500 Companies.
The content of the Skills for English (UKVI) test is assured by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), Scotland’s national awarding and accreditation body. It is responsible for developing, delivering, and accrediting qualifications, courses, and assessments undertaken by thousands of test takers in schools, colleges, training providers, and the workplace every year. SQA qualifications are delivered by thousands of teaching and training professionals in Scotland throughout the UK, and around the world.
To find out more about Skills for English (UKVI) visit www.skillsforenglish.com
The launch of Skills for English (UKVI) has provided a more simple, convenient, and affordable test option for UK visa applicants, but if your students have already trained to take a different SELT test but are stalled due to the difficulty of finding a test session, we have created a guide to help you channel that learning into the successful completion of a Skills for English (UKVI) test.

UK Government
approved SELT test


Accepted by universities


A one-session,
computer- based test


Test centres in
over 125 countries


Results usually
available in 3-5 days


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Scan the QR code to access two sets of free Skills for English practice tests, covering all CEFR levels, and all four skills.